Knowledge in consumer electronic products. High volume production with high yield rate. Multi platform (PC, Mac, Linux ,iOS and Android) capable for production.


Knowledge in technologies to bring final products to market quickly. Recommend alternate solutions to reduce lead time and cost. Autonomously prepare solutions and samples without specifications/drawings.


火拼斗牛Volume purchasing to enable lower costs High yield rate and high reliability keep cost to minimum. High reliability to minimize warranty expense and increase customer satisfaction.

About Us

火拼斗牛 Power 7 Technology designs and manufactures complex external and wireless storage , mobile power devices, and peripheral solutions for various computer and mobile OS platforms。We are recognized worldwide for our excellence in technology, creativity, innovation in design, quality and services we offer。 Our experience of 20 years in OEM/ODM and Electronics ManufacturingServices (EMS) has solid track records。 We maintain long-standing relationships with numerous world-class and local companies that are not only depending on our expertise and services butalso value us as their partners!

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No.28 Binjiang Street, Shishuikou Village, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guang Dong Province, China
+86-769-8929-7777 +86-769-8927-9777
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